HDPE tanks are recommended for use in open spaces, as this type of material has been stabilized to withstand UV irradiation. They are odourless and do not absorb odours from the materi

als stored in them, so they can be used as:

  • plastic water tanks
  • plastic oil tanks
  • plastic fuel tanks
  • plastic oil fuel tanks
  • storage for all types of chemicals

Plastic HDPE tanks are temperature-resistant from -30oC to +60oC, while PP tanks are temperature-resistant from -10oC to +100oC.

Horizontal underground tanks are manufactured to withstand the pressure from the layer of soil above them.
Our plastic tanks can be fitted with diverse standard and non-standard connectors, allowing them to be connected to any type of pipeline.
Plastic water tanks can be used instead of built conccisterna-rezervoarrete water supply reservoirs, for supplying both individual households and entire towns.

This tank has a capacity of 30,000 litres, 2400 mm radius, and total length of 7000 mm. We can manufacture tanks of other dimensions upon your request.
Horizontal plastic oil tanks and plastic fuel oil tanks must always be dug in (installed underground).