Sewers pipes with profile walls are manufactured from HDPE and PP using spiral coiling technology, in the following sizes: Ø 400 mm, Ø 500 mm, Ø 600 mm, Ø 800 mm, Ø 1000 mm, Ø 1200 mm.
Plastic pipes are manufactured in 3 m and 6 m lengths and are joined by extrusion welding or by rubber seals. The material they are manufactured from is characterized by exceptional mechanical properties, chemical resistance, electrical insulation properties, UV resistance, etc.
Pipes manufactured by spiral coiling technology have completely homogenous walls and are absolutely impermeable.

Spiral plastic sewer pipesare widely applicable, thanks to their mechanical characteristics and exceptional resistance to aggressive substances. They are especially used for:ehaničkim karakteristikama i po izuzetnoj otpornosti na agresivne materije imaju široku primenu a posebno za:

– industrial wastewater transport pipes
– faecal collectors
– rain sewers
– irrigation (drainage)
– drainage pipes