PVC fences are manufactured from durable, high quality PVC resin, which is UV-stable and resistant. Our fences are environment-friendly, as they are manufactured from 100% recycled materials. They require no additional maintenance. PVC fences do not require painting, they are made from PVC profiles with 5 chambers and are simple to install on any surface or base. PVC fences can be used to fence off your property, whether it’s a back yard, balcony or terrace. Our fences are 25 mm thick and sturdier than those of other manufacturers.

PVC fences are sold by metric length, with the caps included. The dimensions of our PVC fence is 75 x 25, they are thicker and stronger than the fences of other manufacturers. Our PVC fence lasts longer and is more resilient, lasting over 50 years.


Contact phone number for more information/orders: 063 215 069